Previous Shows
  • Because I'm Shappi

    After taking the last year out to end another relationship by having a baby, Shappi returned with her finest show yet.
    In Because I'm Shappi, Khorsandi explained why she does the things she does & why standup - even at it's most grimy - is her dream come true.

  • Shappi Khorsandi: Live!

    Shappi's 2013-2014 live show was a space where she cherry picked the best of her routines along wth never-seen before material.

  • Dirty Looks And Hopscotch

    Shappi wore her heart on her sleeve in this show about her fling an aging rockstar with a school uniform fetish.
  • Me And My Brother In Our Pants, Holding Hands

    This was a warm hearted show about Shappi and her brother, their lifes and loves and the ups and downs of growing up together.
  • The Moon On A Stick

    Shappi was in the eye of the storm of her divorce at the time of this show.

    Less said, soonest mended.
  • The Distracted Activist

    This was Shappi's first show back after having a baby, so she can't quite remember what it was about, but people seemed to like it.
  • Carry On Shappi

    Shappi gave birth to her son, two weeks after this show finished it's Edinburgh run, therefore she can be forgiven for forgetting what on earth it was about - but she thoroughly enjoyed being a massively pregnant woman telling jokes for a month. Thankyou to all audience members who brought hot towels with them to the show.
  • Asylum Speaker

    This honest & thoughtful show launched Shappi up several notches on the standup comedy scene, and was the springboard for her critically acclaimed book, "A Beginner's Guide To Acting English".

  • Shappi's Little Cracker

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