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Shappi Talk Series 1

I’ve made two series of “Shappi Talk” for BBC Radio 4, and you can download / listen to the first series here, or keep scrolling for more podcasts / radio things I’ve done.

Below is the BBC blurb for Shappi Talk…

Iranian comedian Shappi Khorsandi was brought to this country as a child and grew up in a very unusual and un-British family.

Her father was one of Iran’s top satirists and the family were forced to leave their home country as her father was termed a political dissident. As she grew up, it became apparent that the Khorsandi household was a little different from some of the families that Shappi had been friends with.

Shappi Talk takes this alternative background for Shappi to host a four part comedy series where she takes four elements of this upbringing to hilariously reveal what it was like growing up in a non-British family.

Click here for the BBC page on the programme.

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