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Edinburgh Fringe: Mistress & Misfit

Edinburgh Fringe: Mistress & Misfit

Shappi’s return to the Edinburgh Fringe sees her presenting England’s unsung heroine, Emma Hamilton.

For too many years she has been known as just ‘Nelson’s mistress’, a bit of a harlot. (You get ONE job in a brothel and bang goes your reputation.) Women’s lib wasn’t a ‘thing’ in Georgian times, Emma moved mountains to haul herself from ‘scullery maid’ to ‘Lady Hamilton’. Yes, she occasionally danced on tables naked to get ahead in life, but who hasn’t? As a fellow naked dancer on tables, Shappi is inspired by Emma, although she never wants hair big enough to house mice in.

‘She has plenty to say, and says it with pointedness and potency.’ The Guardian.

Assembly Studios, George Square. TICKETS HERE.